This blog was made on the 27th of August 2013. An ambivert damsel hiding her true identity behind this blog. Music, doodling and reading is her only escape from the unfair world we live in.



Minsan ang pangako dapat pinapakinggan na lang. Hindi pinaniniwalaan..

Sinusubukan kong maging masaya kahit wala ka na.

Chocolate cake and strawberries with chocolate fondue

❝ I don’t think you remember, all I know is that I do.
I remember the sound of your laughter and somedays, I can still hear it. I can still remember the sound of your footsteps as we walked separate ways, and I can still remember the color of the sky that night. It hurts to remember that I loved you so much and nothing was enough but believe me, I tried. I wrote you love letters and I found one hundred ways to bleed your favorite color for you. I took the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes instead. I covered the sun with my fingertips and let you burn me instead and I never should have, because baby, the sun comes back and so do the stars but you never do. -Abagail Pacheco ❞
Being replaced is one of the worst feelings. It’s like no matter what you did, it just wasn’t good enough.
❝ When you look at me
Do you see
The girl you loved
Or the girl you left? ❞


Just when you
thought you’re ok
you realize you’re not
then you start
to cry then you try
to stop yourself
from crying but then
your tears keep falling
then you start to sob
and feel your heart racing
then you curl up
in the corner of your bed
and just breakdown
and stay there for hours
then the thought
of staying like that way
for another month
or two hit you
then you cry more

❝ Namimiss mo din kaya ako? ❞

— (via palajhenghyper)

  • Nagsoundtrip lang saglit, sandamakmak na alaala agad ang bumalik.


❝ I’ll never forget the way you looked at me that made me feel so special. All the words you said to me that melted my heart, the way you put me before everything else. But also, I’ll never forget the way you tore me apart, the way you left me like it didn’t matter. I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that you destroyed me or the fact that I thought you never would. ❞
❝ Funny how an impatient person is willing to wait forever. ❞



You’ll miss me when I stop talking to you.

I thought so.

I was wrong.
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